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Saturday, November 23, 2013

God damn it...

...it's 04:30 AM and I am wide awake, and did not even take anything, nor go out tonight. I mean seriously, what the fuck is this? I've been trying to sleep since around one o'clock, but seems like I'm pulling an all-nighter. Great. Just what I needed after a long and sleep-deprived week. Another night of restlessness.

But who am I to complain? I've got shelter. I've got food. I've got some of that good-good. I've got a TV and I have got a working internet access (obviously...), so I should be all set for the remaining few hours of actual night. 
And I can already hear your internal screams: "But, man, why don't you just smoke yourself to sleep if you've got some of that good-good lying around?!?", but, seriously guys, don't you think that I have already thought of and tried that? Of course I did. But it was obviously, for reasons I can not possibly fathom, unsuccessful thus far, meaning that I'll try again after posting this, I have to be able to sleep somehow at some point :D

So yeah, actually I just wanted to... well, basically just do anything right now, seeing as lying in bed does not seem to lead to sleepiness tonight, so I'm thinking that maybe if I just tire out my eyes and fingers I'll be able to fall asleep. But that seems somewhat unlikely at this point, so I'll just bore the crap out of you guys for the heck of it. 

Well, here's some things to do on the internet while you're at it:

-> This is the BRealTV Channel on Youtube, and he has some funny and interesting videos on there, so, yeah, check that out if you care for B-Real and his music

-> This here is the "VICE" Youtubechannel, and I've got to say, although I am not at all involved in the alternative scene they mostly cater to, they have got some very interesting documentaries and interviews on there, that are definitely awesome to kill time and worth checking out

-> These are the three different kinds of 'The ULTIMATE Ganja Mix' on Youtube, which are really awesome to listen to even when not high, and have some great songs in them that a lot of people will not know, which is pretty cool seeing as most listeners will discover a couple of new songs, or even bands, through these mixes. Big shout out toSupaDupaFli79 for uploading (and creating? I really do not know, so please tell me if you do) these great compilations of great music for all of us to enjoy!

So, I have hereby essentially completed my second blog entry, and I've got to say, I'm starting to actually enjoy just writing down my thoughts, or rather my random patterns of these, in an online environment where everyone can read it, which is probably related to the basic human need of recognition, but pretty sweet nevertheless :D 

Well, I hope this did not completely bore anybody out of their minds, and if it did, I apologize.... NOT!
(no seriously if this bores you, you have probably chosen the wrong blog to read...)

Anyway, thanks for reading!


P.S.: If I do not get any sleep before 10 AM I'm making another post about sleep deprivation....

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