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Friday, November 22, 2013

First Entry

So, after having terrorized all of my facebook acquaintances to a point of being threatened with physical violence if I don't stop with the youtube-links combined with more or less philosophical statements about music or life, I have decided to terrorize the blogging community until someone hires an assassin to finally shut me up :D

Let's start with a little background on myself though.
I am male, of age, enjoy discovering my psyche in numerous ways, love music, and am studying IBMS at the moment, which may seem contradictory, but it's just pragmatic, seeing as I'll have to pay my bills somehow at some point.

Before returning to Europe for my studies, I spent six years living in Shanghai, China, and it was fucking awesome! The law there is quite strict, but not really enforced 'on the ground', so life is pretty sweet there, and the nightlife is unlike anything you will ever experience, it's amazing to get drunk on probably methanol-based, liver-destroying, cheap booze until the sun goes up and not being able to sleep for another five hours or so after finally getting home. I realize that this may sound extreme to some, but, you know, we were young and completely out of control, and to be honest, if I could take it all back, I wouldn't, all of the Shanghai craziness shaped me into the person that I am today and for that I am very thankful.

Musically I've had some rather drastic developments in my past: At first, at a rather young age, I really enjoyed listening to everything Hip Hop, but mostly the commercialized stuff that is not really representative of the genre. A couple of years later, my musical preferences made an 180° turn when I turned into the most devoted metal head you could possibly imagine, drinking beer every morning prior to school, not showering, letting my hair grow, worshiping Odin, etc; I was the full-on cliche! This phase only lasted for about one and a half years though, and since then I just listen to the music I enjoy, which is mostly Hip Hop and, recently, Dubstep, but also a lot of Heavy Metal, Classical Rock and so on, I even catch myself listening to some chart music sometimes, although that really is an extremely rare occasion.

Otherwise, I am your garden-variety young male, a bit eccentric, a tad crazy, but overall a nice person, or at least that's what I try to be, although it's really hard to stay positive and carefree in this crazy, messed up world that feels like it was designed to turn us into brainless morons blindly following whatever fucked up bullshit the authorities are spewing out of the black, plague-ridden cavities that once were their mouths whilst keeping ours shut. And I do by no means buy into this 'Illuminati' conspiracy bullshit that is treated like absolute fact in some parts of the internet, but I do believe that the worlds leaders are willingly and knowingly deceiving us for economical and political gain, I believe that most political systems on this planet are full of corruption, greed, decadence and hypocrisy, and need to be reformed in order to return to a state of true democracy as was originally intended.

I believe I have hereby covered most parts of my personality and preferences.

I can not tell you how regularly this thing is going to updated, I'll try make it every other day or at least weekly though... or maybe not at all, I don't know yet. we'll see...

So, thank you for reading I guess, I hope there's some people out there who feel similarly to what I described here and are interested in what I have to say :)

...and, in order to fulfill the original purpose of this blog, here are a couple of youtube links to good music:

-> Elle Goulding's 'Explosions' remixed by Gemini, awesome piece of music, great drop!

-> OH YES! Omnitica's "Yo! Ho! And A Bottle of Bass"... takes forever to get to the drop imo, but it is so worth the wait, and I have always loved this 'pirate' kind of music, so this is epic to me :D

-> This... this is bigger than music... Freestylers' 'Cracks' remixed by Flux Pavilion.... this is too fucking awesome for words, seriously, if you do not have absolute top quality audio playback equipment to play this song, DON'T! Trust me, this has to be enjoyed on proper gear!

-> Moving away from Dubstep, here is some Reggae imho (if that's not the proper genre classification here please let me know, I know that some people get really upset about these things...), and it is just a great song, and if you haven't seen the 'Evil Bong' movies yet you're in for a treat if you can enjoy the 'typical stoner' humor à la Cheech and Chong.

-> Here we have some rap by ILL Bill, "Glenwood Projects", this guy is way too unknown if you ask me... "I put the D in the Drugs and the G in the Guns, I put the D in the Dubs and the T in the Thugs"

-> Here's a classic: 'I need Drugs' by Necro... Fucked up video, fucked up lyrics, fucked up everything, but awesome, creative and funny as hell!

-> Although I've never been a huge Wiz Khalifa fan, I love this song, and the guy does preach weed and hangs with Snoop, so "Still Blazin" definitely deserves to be here!

And to end my first ever blog entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADIyIlO-_Ug and if you don't know this song you can probably press alt+f4 and never return to this blog ;)

Get ready for the next episode!!!


....and smoke weed everyday :D

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