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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The demise of the wicked

is always accompanied by some grand victory of those deemed decent by society, isn't it? When Bin Laden died, Obama was jolted into a mainstream hype around his persona. When the Allies finally got rid of Nazi-Germany they were (rightly) put up on a golden pedestal as well. And in most cases, that is fully justifiable. But we also need to examine these kind of developments from another perspective. Perhaps these "wicked" common enemies are only made out to be that by those that want society to deem them as heroes of decency so to say. Which would mean that those we perceive as wicked are actually just punching bags of goodie two-shoes gone mad. Of course, I do not want to imply that the above examples of Nazis and Bin Laden are only scapegoats or anything like that. In their case, it was actually just them being assholes that needed stopping by people with some sort of decency. But in a more general context, we can see far too often that people talk smack about others in order to make themselves seem better to their audience. A sign of sad humans with diminutive self-esteem. But alas, these are the persons in charge nowadays. Insecure and hollow shells of human beings.

I don't want to rant on and on about politicians again though. I think I have stumbled upon another context in which the above glorification can be applied, namely that of relationships, or rather that of break-ups. When a split occurs, and two formerly intertwined individuals decide to part again, one of the two parties will always try and make the other party seem like a wicked being that is solely responsible for things not working out between them. Such behavior clearly leads to one thing and one thing only: "neutral" members of the audience (friends' friends, not-so-close relatives, etc.) will be led to believe that the party dragging the other one down is in reality the victim of the vicious break-up. It makes the person being talked smack about seem like a shallow caricature of a human being. And that is just sad to say the least. Happenings as dire as a break-up usually put a lot of strain on both former partners, and it is usually a combination of bother partners' misbehavior and annoyance that brings the coupling to its final destination. 
So, what do we have here? Two people, both equally responsible for their drifting apart. And one of them trying to make it seem like the other is more so by talking shit. At least that's what it seems like if you look at broken-up couples around you, isn't it? I mean, it's probably equally as likely that that behavior stems from trying to cope with the new situation somehow. The new situation being that the one person you trusted completely, the most intimate connection you had in your life, all of sudden turning into a complete stranger. Our primitive brains cannot handle that kind of drastic change, so it is left with a few options at best; one of these is the aforementioned smack-talking about the former partner. I guess the underlying concept at work there is the basic human need for recognition once again. If we were to blame ourselves, our social surroundings would look down upon and judge us for our inability to keep the relationship functioning; if we delegate that blame to our former special someone though, we're perceived as mere victims of circumstance and therefore receive attention en masse, thereby satisfying aforementioned need. But that's not the main point I am trying to make here. What that is is essentially that people need to refrain from talking bullshit about others. I don't even have any specific example in mind right now, it's just a general thing that I've noticed that definitely needs to stop.

But well, that's about all that I have to say about that actually. I am sitting in front of my TV set right now, dumbly staring at commercials and wondering who the fuck falls for these blunt and downright stupid marketing tricks at work there? I mean there are TV spots advertising a fucking smartphone by having some ladies in a swimsuit do "yoga" to some fucked up music. They're barely even showing the phone for fuck's sake. I cannot believe that that appeals to people so much that it's run on national television. I mean there are of course some creative and actually funny ads out there that I have genuinely enjoyed, aside from the fact that they're still designed to push some BS product on to me of course, but those are the exception rather than the rule. But I can complain about it all I want, my studies are going to land me in a job where I'll be part of the people benefiting from this kind of blatant exploitation of basic human desires. I mean, some of these promotional tools are downright manipulative. Of course there are laws restraining the deceptiveness that advertisements are allowed to exude, but still, labile people are being conned into buying things they don't really need, and that's just unfair. Sure, if you're dumb enough to actually buy into these advertisement schemes it's essentially your own fault because their methods are so fucking obvious it hurts, but still, shouldn't companies have some sort of responsibility towards those mentally unable to recognize these subtle influential messages in the ads? I guess not, seeing as if they had that kind of responsibility their sales would probably drop significantly due to the fact that they rely on those gullible enough to be persuaded by the firms' marketing wizards. A sad truth, isn't it? The entire economical system is built up on the exploitation of others it seems. Cheap labor, bad quality products, deluding advertisement, and so on. But unfortunately the system has worked so far, and you don't change a working system. Until it collapses and you're forced to. Although even that's not the case with our economy: we've had tons of economic recessions and depressions causing huge problems on a global scale, and we did not even adapt the system to meet the root of these problems. Or barely did so at best. And isn't that just sad to see? We're too stupid to learn from our mistakes, and we haven proven to be over and over again.

I am somehow reminded of words from the "Matrix" movie: "You [Humans] move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague [...]"
Just let these words sink in for a minute, wait until they develop their full effects like a good hit of ecstasy. Only that it's going to be a bad trip. Because once you think about it you see just how much fucking truth that statement holds. I mean, you know me. I'm not your hippie, eco- and nature-loving wuss that thinks we need to harmonize with the environment by hugging trees and eating some disgusting vegan stew all day long. But still. We're fucking up the only place to live pretty harshly, and despite having the technology necessary to change our ways in a fashion that would not alter our everyday life a lot, greedy corporate plugs called "politicians" are hanging on to the old and destructive methods because they are more profitable. Fucked up, isn't it? Maybe some sort of Armageddon might help. Maybe we need to be almost wiped off the face of the earth to start caring about things. Or maybe we'll just go on and on until we have the technology to conquer a new planet and leave Earth as a disgusting, hollow shell only inhabited by monstrous radioactively-poisoned beings barely resembling the humans they once were. Or we'll all just fucking perish. Which would probably be best for the planet anyway. But fuck all that, when that shit goes down I'll probably be long buried and forgotten about anyways. Not that I wouldn't encourage environmental-friendly actions by the governments. But I'm not willing to make a huge effort in my everyday life simply because of the fact that the world leaders could make most of their economies completely eco-friendly by ignoring the pleas of the companies that are funding their campaigns. And seeing as they're not willing to show a tiny bit of incentive and backbone and stand up to their corporate puppeteers, I'm not willing to recycle or shit like that. All trash is burned anyway, so why the fuck should I have to use separate trashcans? Okay, I can understand it for like glass and paper, but everything else is burned together anyways, so why the fuck can't I just throw my fucking garbage in a single fucking bag?

I got somewhat off topic there. From politicians to trashcans. Well that's actually not that far off-topic is it? Politicians are essentially human trashcans, so that works quite nicely.
But I am just putting together ramblings about other ramblings of myself again, so I'll put a stop to this post now.

I took some time to finish this things once again, but I was kind of busy with Green Scorpion News, which is a blog dedicated to news coverage that I have started a couple of days ago. And well, finding time to write is kind of hard during holidays, seeing as I am constantly overwhelmed by people wanting to go somewhere and do something, and I am just too nice a person to say no to every single one of them, so I end up being pretty busy all day anyway.
But well, I hope I managed to entertain you with this post and also hope that you will enjoy GSN, where I will be posting in random intervals.
And with this, and some good music, I'll leave you be: 

Diam's - Ma France à moi
-> This is a song I really enjoyed during my time in France obviously, but also afterwards, and now decided to share with you after "rediscovering" it this morning whilst cleaning dishes. Well, Diam's is a talented French artist, and this song is really critical of French society and politics, and as you know I enjoy that kind of message in music. Plus, she's also musically awesome, and I enjoy her rapping in general, so... Enjoy!

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg - Smokin' On (feat. Juicy J) 
-> Well, I am not really familiar with Juicy J and his works, but apart from being part of this new wave in Hip Hop that I am somewhat suspicious about I cannot see much wrong with him, and this song is all in all a great weed smoking tune by two of my favorite weed smokers ever. I am not sure if I had posted this on here before, but I don't think so. If I did, please let me know, otherwise... Enjoy!

Space Laces - Digital Gangsta 
-> I have, as always, looked on the UKF Dubstep channel for their newest uploads, and stumbled upon this gem. It takes a while to get to the drop, but it is definitely worth the wait. I mean I've heard a similar things before, but like a minute after the first drop the bass gets extremely interesting, and all in all the song is pretty fucking awesome and has a certain energy within that is just stupefying, so... Enjoy!

Feed Me - One Click Headshot 
-> Awesome! Simply fucking awesome! This popped up in the recommendations section of the above video, and following this link was the best thing I could possibly do, because it led me to this bit of pure filthy awesomeness, much more violent and energy-laden than most songs I've heard in the past couple of weeks, and it has a great melodic aspect too, making this tune an overall amazing piece of music, which needed featuring on here, so... Enjoy!

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name 
-> Amazing track by a classic band, I cannot believe I haven't featured this epic piece of musical greatness on here yet; it's such an amazing mixture of heavenly guitar-play, fiery vocals, and awesome rhythm made possible by bass and drums. All in all an epic slice of musical perfection that needed to be brought to your attention (again hopefully), so... Enjoy!

Hunter S. Thompson & Ralph Steadman - Weird And Twisted Nights 
-> I couldn't believe it at first, but it's actually true: Hunter S. Thompson made a song with British artist Ralph Steadman. I believe it's Steadman singing and Hunter playing. And well, the song is pretty fucking awesome, especially when mixed with stimulating intoxicants. And well, I idolize Thompson anyway, and am still baffled by this discovery, meaning that I will now play this song on repeat for a couple of days. Anyway. Amazing song, legendary artists... Enjoy!

Well, this post kind of jumped between topics rather shallowly, but I was as mentioned earlier quite busy with Green Scorpion News and real life. But well, I do hope that this belated entry was still enjoyable to you, and I do think I touched on some important issues I hadn't talked about so far, meaning that the essential purpose of the blog, namely to inform, educate, and serving as an eye-opener to people, has still been accomplished. So, as always, I hope that you're now thinking or rethinking things, and/or that your eyes were opened by some of the things mentioned.

And I will really, really try to post more regularly from now on. Really!


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