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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The pedophile, satanic, psycho, prankster Killer Clowns

Holy fucking shit. I have not posted on here in almost a year.

There were good reasons for my hiatus as you can surely imagine, but I'll hold off explaning them until my next post which will be in writing entirely. 

This post here is merely a reminder that I still exist, and to inform you guys that I will return to posting more or less regularly from now on. 

So... This short vlog is just me giving my two cents about this Killer Clown Fad that's been flooding the internet these past weeks, and my take on multiple theories surrounding it. 

I know I sound & look like shit in this video but it was early in the morning and I was in the mood to record; as I'm not someone who does second takes or editing, this is the version you'll have to deal with. 

I hope you'll enjoy it regardless! 


P.S.: No Songs today, I'm still adjusting myself to being back in Germany and have too much on my plate right now to look for quality music. Sorry. 

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